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video-cover-home2This website is a REPOSITORY of CURRENT WORLD NEWS and INFORMATION that is based upon facts not revealed in Mainstream Media. It is a daily or weekly DESTINATION WEBSITE balanced with "Hard News" to AWAKEN and MOTIVATE you along with "Soft News" to UPLIFT you and fill your heart with JOY! Here you will catch up on important facts that will make you "mad as hell" and hopefully make you "jump up and down and yell that you are not going to take it anymore!" You may also choose other subjects that give you a happy smile or a belly laugh such as viewing "Amazing Animals" or "Incredible Kids." Here, you will find it all! 

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This website is prolific in its factual content and is very user friendly. We are open to receiving and publishing additional confirmed facts and testimonials from its viewers and we invite you. MJ's rule #1 is that this website will not be open to contrary opinions that are unsupported by facts. If you wish to contribute with factually supported information, CLICK HERE. But most importantly, we ask that you get involved and do something to make a difference in your lives, the lives of your family, friends, and community, and the lives of all humanity. Find your niche; discover what tweaks you and then run with it. On your way, share this website with as many other people as you can to help them get started on the journey of awakening! Make this website VIRAL!!! Thank you! ~ MJ Handy

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Before I can love another I must stop denying my own Divinity and God Given Gifts that are part of me.

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A cop is doing standard patrol when he notices a car swerving all over the road. He quickly turns on his siren and pulls the guy over. "Alright," says the cop, when the man gets out of the car. "Walk in a straight line." "I'd be happy to," says the drunk "just stop moving the stupid line."

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