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Former Kennedy Space Center Engineer Loses Pension Because He Told The Truth About An Alien on the Space Shuttle!

Hello my viewers,

The information and video below is real, true, and an absolute tragedy of a dedicated person who has true facts to share with us about Aliens but has not been able to because of government interference.  This is a horrible display of how the US Shadow Government can attempt to destroy a person's life when they attempt to get the facts out to us.

Disclosure Series 1 by Clark C McClelland, SCO

This is a short story about himself and his struggle to be a Whistleblower against government evils regarding speaking about an 8-9 foot tall entity in the Space Shuttle!


This is his website. The government has somehow destroyed his ability to receive his pension because he opened his mouth after serving our country at the Kennedy Space Center from 1958 to 1992. He has written books that no one will publish.

If you can help him in any way, please do.  He is trying to get the truth out!


Thank you for sharing this information and my website with others.

In Love, Light, Peace and Service

MJ Handy