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The Movie Blackfish is helping captured Whales and Dolphins

Hello my viewers,

It seems everybody loves whales and dolphins, but we turn our heads away or hide them in the sand when it comes to the training and horrible treatment they receive in our Sea World parks etc.

The movie BLACKFISH plus the book Death at SeaWorld has certainly raised the bar on awareness of these issues. Please pass this info on and please help do something to no longer cause hurt and harm to these our ocean syblings.

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In love, light and service,

MJ Handy

Posted by Galactic Heart by Colleen and Sheldon at Planetry Activation Organization Aug 2013

Belugas, Orcas, and Doublespeak

by Wayne Pacelle: A Humane Nation

You probably heard the news that SeaWorld recently hired a big-league PR firm to try and counter the bad publicity resulting from the movie expose "Blackfish."

Well, let me say that SeaWorld's image troubles cannot be addressed in their entirety by throwing money at public relations. Even with the best spinmasters in the world, it's very hard to reverse the growing public perception that whales should not be contained in sterile swimming pools.

animal-1More and more, the public is becoming aware that SeaWorld, which is an innovator in so many ways, has fallen behind the times – decades behind, and more with each passing year. As a consequence, majestic animals suffer in environments that cannot meet their behavioral and social needs. In short, SeaWorld clings to a 19th century-approach to putting animals on exhibition, and it's high time to change the business model. There's some strong nature education that SeaWorld conducts, but that doesn't offset the archaic treatment of the whales.

For one thing, SeaWorld executives are quick to note that the orcas they put on display are not taken from the wild. That statement is, in itself, recognition that the only thing worse than trying to keep such large, intelligent and social animals on display in miserably small, artificial containers of water, is capturing them in the wild. But if SeaWorld recognizes that fact, then what can we say about the recent effort by the Georgia Aquarium and other partners, including SeaWorld, to import wild-caught beluga whales, another majestic marine mammal, to put them on display in parks?

Here's what we can say: Thank heavens for yesterday's decision by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. After tens of thousands of Americans raised their voices, the agency refused to bend the nation's two-decade old policy of "no wild capture" of whales. As a result, the import permit for 18 wild-caught belugas, some of them destined for SeaWorld, was denied.

And we can also say this: The movie "Blackfish," plus David Kirby's important book "Death at SeaWorld," build on years of work by The Humane Society of the United States and other respected organizations to bring an end to the captive display of whales by eliminating breeding and allowing whales the opportunity to live in large sea pens. The public would learn more about whales by seeing them in more natural settings. Never in our nation's history has there been a better time for the promotion of humane, environmentally sustainable education about marine mammals. As SeaWorld should know by now, that is earned with real leadership not with a PR contract.

And for those of you familiar with the great Canadian children's songwriter Raffi, let's give him the last word on what to say. He knows where beluga whales belong, and it's not in a cement pool:

Baby beluga in the deep blue sea,

Swim so wild and you swim so free.



Dolphin Asks Divers to Remove Fishing Line

January 2013

This is truly an amazing video showing evidence of the kind and loving relationship between Dolphins and Humans.

This is a wild dolphin that got fishing line tangled around its fin and head so it was cutting into his skin and also preventing him from moving his head and swimming properly.

He came up to the boat and by his indications, the divers went in and the dolphin allowed one diver to help cut the line while the others filmed.

What a beautiful moment.

Enjoy and share this please.


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India Leads the Way to Remove Dolphins from Captivity

Hello my viewers,

Corporations that keep animals in captivity and torture them to train them to lure us into paying big fees to see them perform......well they are about to go down.

Be sure to research and view the new movie BLACK FISH.

It exposes the horrors behind the back doors of Sea World and other organizations like them.

Hurray for India. This is a good start.

Join in the fight.

Thank you for being here.... On behalf of my dolphin and whale friends.

MJ Handy

India Declares Dolphins Non-Human Persons, Bans Holding Them in Captivity

Posted by Wes Annac, AUG 7

Source: Real Farmacy


Cetaceans should be regarded as non-human persons with their own rights and therefore it is morally unacceptable to keep them in captivity – this is the new ruling by the Government of India, which in a landmark decision has taken an important first step in establishing global animal welfare rights.

The decision was taken by India's Minister of the Environment and Forests, who banned dolphin shows. All Indian states have been warned by the Government to reject proposals to hold dolphin shows or open dolphinariums, be these requests public or private.

The Central Animal Authority issued the following statement: "Cetaceans...should be seen as 'non-human persons' and as such should have their own specific rights." The direct result is that dolphin parks which have opened recently in India will close and proposals for new ones will be shelved. The move makes it illegal to capture or confine cetacean species, which include whales and dolphins, the reasoning being that these animals are highly intelligent and sensitive.

India thus takes an important first step in establishing a universal code of animal ethics and rights. The heroine in this ruling is Puja Mitra, a leading Indian animal rights activist, whose research drive focused on, and introduced, the concept of non-human persons. Other countries to have banned the use of cetaceans for entertainment are Costa Rica, Hungary and Chile.

The work of marine scientist Lori Marino has revealed that cetaceans have large brains and complex behavior and advanced, intricate systems of communication and cognition.

For those who go to a dolphin show, just remember this question: Do you know how dolphins are captured? Most often, they are driven to waters where they cannot swim, the unmarked ones are hauled on to vessels to be carted off to dolphinariums to perform in freak shows and the others are wither hacked to pieces, or left to die.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Source: www.Pravda.Ru

Read more at http:////www.realfarmacy.com/india-declares-dolphins-non-human-persons/#WLDQDoftpow7KMjz.99

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