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Inspiring New Year's Message: One Million Gardens

Hello my viewers,

I had the blessings of growing up in a farmer family.  No matter where we lived, we grew our own veggies and locally we had farmers that supplied us with items such as corn or extra tomatoes to can.

I miss being able to walk out the back door and grab a handful of swiss chard, a few cucs, and some green beans for dinner.  And when grown organically, it truly is a win-win for the body.

So I hope you join in the movement to grow you own veggies.  See the article and video below.

Thank you for being here and I really appreciate your membership-partner support because YOU are helping to make a positive difference in the world.

In Love, Light, Peace and Service,

MJ Handy


Posted by:  nextworldtv.com       and Bibi Farber

One Million Gardens is an organization created to support gardeners around the world to grow their own food in a sustainable way and to preserve the genetic biodiversity of our natural seeds.

From their website: "A backyard garden is more than just the basis of healthy living...it is one of the most important social movements of our age and the key to the preservation of our natural world."

They created this video to express this simple and profound idea: starting a garden is THE most important thing you can do.

"The solutions to the economic crisis and finding livelihoods are also the solutions to the crisis of the climate and also the solutions to poverty and unemployment: Start A Garden. Agriculture and food is an area where everyone can begin today." says author and activist Vandana Shiva, who narrates.

One shocking statistic in this video: Each year, over 900 gallons of oil based products are used growing and transporting food for an average family of four.

Turn the page: A front lawn can provide a family of four with produce for a year.

--Bibi Farber

Enjoy this enlightening clip, narrated by Vandana Shiva.

View Video here