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Banksters & Corporations

Due to the upcoming changes of global currency reset, the Bric III economy/asset financial system, global debt relief for all world countries, the distribution of prosperity funds for humanitarian projects, the end of the Federal Reserve and the IRS in the USA, and the return of our organic original Constitution to govern America, MJ thought it would be best to do a 4 part series on the events in history that lead up to this remarkable shift in world events which hallmarks the end of the cabal/illuminati reign of terror and debt/slavery AND the beginning of the Golden Age of prosperity and peace on Earth. This information that MJ presents is key and important to YOU in order that you not be afraid of these positive changes and also that YOU can help inform others of the same. MJ, on the crest of this wave of change, has stepped up to the plate to help prepare all of her viewers and then some.