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Cyprus Government Raids Private Checking Accounts

MARCH 2013
Cyprus government raids private checking accounts of citizens in " great bank robbery" of EU

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There is astonishing news on the global financial front today: Under pressure from Germany, the government of the nation of Cyprus has looted all the bank accounts of private citizens, stealing as much as 10% of their current deposits to bail out globalist banks.

This is the most outrageous act of outright bankster theft yet witnessed in history, and it could set off a chain reaction that has huge ramifications in the USA and around the world.

Article that explains what happened:


... and here's a look at why this could cause a systemic bank failure caused by bank runs:

Banking system MARCH 19, 2013

First, Cyprus' banking system imploded, stealing people's money from their bank accounts overnight without warning. Banks remain closed and transactions have stalled.

Second, yesterday Chase Bank customers logged into their bank accounts to find a zero balance explained by a Chase Bank spokesperson as an internal glitch. Errr...right.

Now it's circulating on the internet that New Zealand is putting a plan together to follow Cyprus' footsteps.

See story here: http:////rt.com/business/new-zealand-cyprus-style-banking-failure-solution-477/

The writing is on the wall, friends. We've known that a complete collapse of Big Banks is imminent. Do whatever you need to do to protect yourself.

Note from Richard P: an article I read out of Aussie relating to this said, depositors to a bank are simply unsecured creditors. We have just been hoodwinked into thinking it was something more.

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