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Zionist Hitler and his Boss Rothchild

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If you follow the history of Germany since the 1800s and the activities of the most evil people in the world moving us through WW1 and WW2 and now attempting to create WW3, you will see the one single thread behind it all.... visibly seen through Hitler..... and that is the Rothschild family and those calling themselves Zionists. 

Think back to when Truman became President and through the program called "Paperclip," basically invited 1500 Nazi and SS scientists to take up residency and get paid well and have lots of perks and have no overseeing and take up positions in government like head of the CIA.... and while they looked as if they started the space program for America, they secretly built underground cities across the USA and beyond as part of the New World Order plan to obliterate the population and rule over the world.

Take a look at how all of that relates to the current crisis in the Middle East. 

Posted December 6, 2009 by freemindx2009


A short story of Middle East and its creation.  View Video Here

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