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Thatcher Regime Tory Ministers are Named in 1980's Paedophile Dossier - How Many More Politicians Since Then?

Hello my viewers,

It truly upsets me to learn that paedophiles exist in the leadership of our world and they especially can be found in anything linked to the British Government, the Royal Families of Britain and Europe, and the Vatican and the entire Catholic Church.  And then add to the paedophile charges the horrific and sick truths of their child sex trafficking, child Satanic Sacrifices, and so much more mental sickness.

Recently the Pope admitted that 2% of all priests have committed sex abuse upon children.  That is a BS statement and another big Jesuit tactic in an attempt for humanity to take their eye off the ball because in truth, the numbers are somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 of all Catholic Church priests and Bishops.  Children and sex and sacrifice and hunting are BIG BUSINESS at the Vatican!  

The Catholic Church convinces unwed mothers that they are bad people and that they must give up their children to the Church.  Here in Florida, one Catholic Unwed Mother Church Home as a big sign out front:  GIVE US YOUR BABY!  Can you believe this?

And like the Thatcher regime, the Vatican and the current Pope are experts at knowing about it and then covering it up and doing nothing about it.

Check out this article from the Mirror Newspaper in the UK.

Thank you for being here and please stand up and do something about these atrocities.

In Light, Love, Peace and Service,

MJ Handy