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Shadow Government is Bringing Epidemic Plague Like Diseases Across Our Borders Through Immigrating Kids!

Hello my viewers,

This video just came across my desk and it has truly shocked me to my core.  This is an interview with a retired Border Patrol Agent who is describing one of the biggest terrorist invasions on American soil that is known about and being directed by our Shadow Government through operatives in the CIA, the Center for Disease Control, and Home Land Security.

What we are being shown and told is that these "kids" at our borders are seeking asylum.  What we are not being told is that a very large percentage of them coming into America are infected with contagious diseases (probably purposefully implanted) and this is being covered up by the CDC along with the preparations for an epidemic plague which is destined to kill 200 million Americans that is being planned for and prepared for at FEMA.  The government is stockpiling medical supplies in preparation of this event leaving many communities without supplies today.

He states that less than 1% of these sick kids is screened.  He states that they are bringing plague level diseases into the school classrooms where your kids go to school with them.  He refers to 3 cities in West Africa that now have Ebola Virus epidemics ongoing wherein the Ebola Virus is not arriving in normal fashion from the jungle but looks as if it were planted in the cities simultaneously to affect and kill off the population.

These gang kids and smaller kids are the instrument of an upcoming uncontrolled plague event.  Hundreds of thousands are streaming into the USA and almost none are being toxic screened.  What few are whisked away by the CDC literally disappear and no information about them can be obtained.

And why is it that the Border Patrol is not allowed to shoot their guns now....and why is it that when ammunition used to come in truckloads to them, now it is "on order" for arrival in October 2015 and every bullet they now have is accountable!

All of this is a Masked Invasion of children to pull on the heartstrings of America while the Shadow Government behind the mask is focused on reducing the population through unheard of epidemic proportions.  Think about it.  ...... 200 million to die!

So please, take the time to look at this video and please pass this video and my website on to others.  This information must be sent to everybody so that we can do something about it.  I thank you for your support.

In Love, Light, Peace and Service,

MJ Handy