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Working Well in November #1

Hello my viewers,

For many years I wrote a Workplace Wellness column for a monthly magazine here in South Florida. Each month I put forth some healthy and helpful ideas for companies to consider as a tool to help keep their employees happy and healthy. Thus by reducing sick days, they increased their business output. Sometimes the messages related specifically to a certain month because of holidays and other times, they were simply generic. But in either case, the fundamental message had the purpose of bringing forth new ideas into the corporate world aimed at a positive change in the wellbeing of their workers.

So please enjoy these tips and pass them on to others at your workplace or anywhere else you choose.

Thank you for being here.

In Love, Light and Service,

MJ Handy 



TITLE: Veteran's Day, The Corporate Way

Eleven-Eleven is a day of remembrance for those men and women who fought in the trenches, making sure that freedom remains our greatest right. But what about our daily homeland struggles

at work?

According to OSHA, workplace violence has emerged as an important safety and health issue. Homicide is the third leading cause of fatal occupational injuries. 674 workplace homicides in 2000 account for 11% of the total 5,915 fatal work injuries and environmental conditions associated have been identified as the enemy.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health says: "Perhaps now more than ever before, job stress poses a threat to the health of workers ..." Workers are saying: ""Since the reorganization, nobody feels safe;" "Guys are calling in sick just to get a break....morale is so bad;" "Sooner or later, someone will have to make some changes in the way the place is run."

Reports from studies show:

· One-fourth of employees view their jobs as the number one stressor in their lives. -Northwestern National Life

· Three-fourths of employees believe the worker has more on-the-job stress than a generation ago. -Princeton Survey Research Associates

· Problems at work are more strongly associated with health complaints than are any other life stressor-more so than even financial problems or family problems. -St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Co.

· Job Conditions That May Lead to Stress: Unpleasant or dangerous physical conditions such as crowding, noise, air pollution, or ergonomic problems. –NIOSH

· Health care expenditures are nearly 50% greater for workers who report high levels of stress. -Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

So this month when you get a day off for Veteran's Day, think about yourself and your fellow employees, as today's true, long-term veterans. The war you and your work-mates are fighting, just to survive under high-stress environmental conditions, where there is no light and laughter, no relaxation tools or moments of relief, no playtime and no heartfelt rewards, might just need to be brought to the attention of upper management, before the war is lost through employee "soft-costs" like absenteeism, arguments, resignations, and health care expenditures. If looked at realistically, it won't be a hard sell... just plain ol' common sense showing it's time to make a change.