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Working Well in January #1

Hello my viewers,

For many years I wrote a Workplace Wellness column for a monthly magazine here in South Florida. Each month I put forth some healthy and helpful ideas for companies to consider as a tool to help keep their employees happy and healthy. Thus by reducing sick days, they increased their business output. Sometimes the messages related specifically to a certain month because of holidays and other times, they were simply generic. But in either case, the fundamental message had the purpose of bringing forth new ideas into the corporate world aimed at a positive change in the wellbeing of their workers.

So please enjoy these tips and pass them on to others at your workplace or anywhere else you choose.

Thank you for being here.

In Love, Light and Service,

MJ Handy 



Happy New Year to your business and company! It's resolution time! What will you promise to do or not to do for the next twelve months about your Workplace Wellness? And when you make the promise, will you follow through?

The good part about making Corporate Wellness resolutions, is that if you create the change in January, then you are done and can then just kick back and relax and enjoy the benefits for the rest of the year! That's called the Yuppee Solution... get in, make the change, and then get on with the business at hand!

Making a positive difference in the lives of your employees at work can have a monumental, powerful effect on your profit margin at the end of the year. Consider it a maintenance plan in the same way you handle an oil change on your car or change the filter on your air conditioning system. New is good... fresh is best.... and refreshing is rewarding!

Allocate a small budget for each quarter and create a plan to make small changes along the way. Each change can then be adjusted to and appreciated by the employees in a gradual way, and at the same time, keep them questioning and looking forward to the next small shift you make for their benefit.

Arrange for a little hype about the change; invite employees to participate and assist; create a bulletin board for before and after photos as well as their appreciation and thank you comments. Allocate different teams or groups to be involved with each new quarterly alteration, according to their talents, interests or side-line specialties, helping them take responsibility for the health and well-being of themselves individually and the "all" of each other.

Contact the local papers, radio stations, and TV Channels and let them know that your company is special; that it is on the cutting edge of health awareness; that it cares about the workplace wellness of it's employees. Set up your image as a forerunner; a leader; an innovative, forward thinking business.

It works for the benefit of the people and at the same time the benefit of your bottom line.