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Working Well in January #2

Hello my viewers,

For many years I wrote a Workplace Wellness column for a monthly magazine here in South Florida. Each month I put forth some healthy and helpful ideas for companies to consider as a tool to help keep their employees happy and healthy. Thus by reducing sick days, they increased their business output. Sometimes the messages related specifically to a certain month because of holidays and other times, they were simply generic. But in either case, the fundamental message had the purpose of bringing forth new ideas into the corporate world aimed at a positive change in the wellbeing of their workers.

So please enjoy these tips and pass them on to others at your workplace or anywhere else you choose.

Thank you for being here.

In Love, Light and Service,

MJ Handy 



Title: Change of Heart

The end of a year, the beginning of a new year. The end of shopping, festivities and religious holidays and the beginning of resolutions. The end of self-centeredness and the beginning of a change of heart.

Occasionally in life, after heavy burdens and stressful struggles, a person can find themselves lacking in joy and smiles, and focused on their own survival, especially in the month of January. Laden with the "too much syndrome" from food to debt, the pendulum in personalities can get stuck on "cranky" and "just leave me alone."

Remember the anecdote: "I complained that I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet?" I recently met a very nice man, who on the surface of our first meeting, seemed bright and cheery, easy to laugh and kid with, extremely fit from a good exercise program, and as handsome and healthy looking as any young man in his early forties could be. However, I had a change of heart when I met him the second time.

Barely able to walk and cringing in pain, he explained to me that he is dying of leukemia and that heavy drugs and strenuous exercise now keep him alive. I was in awe of his fortitude and determination to continue to fight rather than give in to the disease, and learned that 100% of his motivation came from his desire to be an active parent and help raise his eight-year-old son.

From that moment on, I forgot about all my worries, which by comparison, were minor. Before I met this young man, my focus was on my troubles and my mind had made them seem huge and overwhelming. After meeting him, I was uplifted and inspired, realizing the smallness of my concerns and that I had been focusing on the negative rather than the many blessings in my life.

Keeping our minds focused on what is good and wonderful in our lives vs. what burdens us can become an exercise of wellness that we all can resolve to do in January, both at work and at home.

It is not only a change of heart, but also a change for the heart as we remember the joy and love that surround us once we start to look for it.