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Working Well in December #2

Hello my viewers,

For many years I wrote a Workplace Wellness column for a monthly magazine here in South Florida. Each month I put forth some healthy and helpful ideas for companies to consider as a tool to help keep their employees happy and healthy. Thus by reducing sick days, they increased their business output. Sometimes the messages related specifically to a certain month because of holidays and other times, they were simply generic. But in either case, the fundamental message had the purpose of bringing forth new ideas into the corporate world aimed at a positive change in the wellbeing of their workers.

So please enjoy these tips and pass them on to others at your workplace or anywhere else you choose.

Thank you for being here.

In Love, Light and Service,

MJ Handy 




This month I claim as my own because of my first name being spelled M-e-r-r-I-a-m, which I occasionally change for fun to MerryIam, for in the month of December we celebrate many reasons to be Merry, happy and joyful. Beginning with the colors of red and green, gold and silver, and bright metallic blue, how can we not feel good with those vibrant light-wave vibrations bathing our eyes and uplifting our spirits. Red is for grounded energy; green for new birth, growth and money; gold for royalty, spirituality and wealth; silver for shields and protection; and royal blue relating to warmth and riches. Add in the sounds of Rudolph, Jingle Bells, Angels, Havanagela and Felicenavidad, and binga-banga-booma, we get merry-merry and hopefully not "quite contrary!"

Bolstering our waistlines with food and drink while we shop till we drop to please our loved ones and friends is worth it all when we watch the faces of little children as they tear into their gifts and squeal with delight at their new found treasures. Fifty-foot trees, nativity scenes and passion plays abound as houses light up like the Las Vegas strip and on-lookers cruise by in awe. No matter what religion, faith or philosophy you claim akin, it is certainly a month that presses us to think and do more for others rather than just ourselves.

If your company has never participated in a December project such as gathering toys, working soup kitchens or delivering turkeys and cartons of food, than take a leap and unite your employees into joyful volunteering, at least for a day, to make a difference in a few kids or grown-ups lives that are poor, ill, old or just down and out for the moment. Giving and sharing to others is and always will be, the best way to feel good about yourself and those you may work with, as you remember to count your many blessings. And in the tradition of writing out Xmas cards, management teams might consider writing out thank-yous, coo-dos, compliments and encouragements to all the employees that help make the company successful. Remember, sometimes a few kind words can become the best take home gift any worker ever had.