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Working Well in January #3

Hello my viewers,

For many years I wrote a Workplace Wellness column for a monthly magazine here in South Florida. Each month I put forth some healthy and helpful ideas for companies to consider as a tool to help keep their employees happy and healthy. Thus by reducing sick days, they increased their business output. Sometimes the messages related specifically to a certain month because of holidays and other times, they were simply generic. But in either case, the fundamental message had the purpose of bringing forth new ideas into the corporate world aimed at a positive change in the wellbeing of their workers.

So please enjoy these tips and pass them on to others at your workplace or anywhere else you choose.

Thank you for being here.

In Love, Light and Service,

MJ Handy 





A new year is here and January is known as the "head" of the year. The head relates to eyes that see, ears that hear, a nose that breathes aromas and air, a mouth that feeds and also speaks, and a brain that thinks and motorizes the rest of your body. A head can move ahead, get ahead, and be ahead. A head can also lose a head, hide a head and droop a head. What can you learn from these meanings, relationships, polarities and paradoxes?

Choosing in January to make changes begins not by looking outside, but by searching the soul inside; by listening to an inner voice; by taking deep, slow breaths for healing and relaxation; by grazing rather than gorging and zipping rather than speaking; by reviewing and contemplating rather than blurting and espousing.

You can choose to move ahead by paying attention to your heart's passions; get ahead by increasing your desire to receive for the sake of sharing with others; be ahead through a conscious effort to become a model of excellence for others to follow. You can choose not to react and lose your head but to stop, connect to light, and then share a little love. Hiding your head in shame or low self-esteem can be reversed through resisting your previous habits and by accepting responsibility for your actions and being your own best friend. Being prideful with a head held high is not ego if you require no appreciation or attention for your initiatives. Your greatest expectation can shift from what others say and do to focusing on the now and present moments in your life and finding the blessings that make rise to appreciation from deep within you.

So seek ye the truth of thyself and determine to change into the "new year gear" of shining excellence. Your business, your clients, your friends and family might just surprise you by reflecting it back to you. It's a nice way to get ready, to get set, and to go forward into now and the new year ahead, paying attention to all that is positive and saying no to all that is negative. The result in business can show an amazing reduction in costs and a delightful rise of the bottom line.