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20 Early Warning Signs That We Are Approaching a Global Economic Meltdown

Hello my viewers,

I trust that most of you have been hearing lots of news' stories about how "other" countries are in deep financial trouble and the impact that will have on world finances and trade.

Well the following article is very "in depth" with many links that bring forth facts of just how bad it really is.

And I will post other articles relating to this that prove the USA dollar is about to collapse as well.

Right now, Greece is paying workers by the barter system.  It could be that way in America very soon because once the dollar is no longer the world currrency, we will not be able to get credit or print any more money and we will be forced to live within our means while having a 40 trillion dollar debt.

The course of USA history is about to drastically change.

Please read this information and then share it and pass it on to others.  Now is not the time for apathy or denial.  Now is the time to be prepared.

Thank you for being here and I appreciate your member-partner support.

In Love, Light, Peace and Service,

MJ Handy