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Federal Reserve has STOLEN Germany's Gold

Hello my viewers,

The Federal Reserve has once again stolen gold from another country.

Germany has about ½ of their gold stored in the Federal Reserve here in the USA.

But when they asked to get it back, the Fed said..... "Sorry, we cannot do that until at least 2020!" And when asked if the Germans could see their gold....... They were told they could see some of it in one room out of nine rooms and only from a distance with no touching it. And when asked to see an accounting or audit.... they found that nobody can audit the Fed because it is a private bank that has no overseer. So do you think Germany is a little nervous??????.... let alone mad as hell????

Learn the truth about the Federal Reserve Bank that runs the world by stealing all the gold and then printing dollars at their leisure that have no gold backing! And don't forget their favorite trick that they started pulling off in World War II......"Heh you other countries..... give me your gold and I will keep it safe and I will give you a Gold Certificate as a receipt so you can claim your gold later on!"

And what happened when China came knocking on their door to take back their gold?..... the Fed said that the Gold Certificates were fake and no good and that there was no proof of any Chinese gold in their vaults! Now they are trying to do the same thing to Germany!

Wake up people!

It is time to get a divorce from the Federal Reserve. Their charter has expired. They need to be shut down and all persons in charge need to be arrested and given a life sentence of hard labor!

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In Love, Light and Service,

MJ Handy