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Federal Reserve Whistleblower Exposes Bernanke & Geithner-Cabal tactics going against experts and the American People

Hello my viewers,

Once again the leaders of the Federal Reserve who still make the financial decisions for the USA, have gone against all the expert advice given to them and once again, in their Cabal tactics way, organized another 100% bailout for AIG, Golden Sacs, JP Morgan and more, all of which will be paid for by the American tax dollars and its enslaved people?

Watch this short video which explains it:


So ask yourself,....when is this madness going to stop?  When are people like Bernanke and Geithner going to be put in jail for treason against the American people?  When is the Federal Reserve, whose charter ends this year, going to be shut down?  And once done, force them to repay all of the stolen money taken from the American public?

There is nothing more important than standing up against this tyranny because as the original Rothchild's founder said...... If I control a nation's money.... I control that nation.

Please help us bring back the power of banking to the people.  Pass on my website and these truths so that others will awaken and rise up to unite against in-home tyranny.

Thank you for being here and please consider becoming a Donation Angel to help keep this information getting out there.

In Love, Light and Service,

MJ Handy