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Are Chemicals in Drinking Water Giving People Cancer?

Hello my viewers,

We cannot live only a few days without water.  But what if the water provided to us by our local, State and Federal governments is really contaminated rather than fixed in a way to keep us healthy?  What if our water is a slow death for all of us?  We know for sure that fluoride is poison and does nothing for our teeth and I have articles on this subject here on the website.  

But there is another big reason for our tainted water..... it is called greed because bottled water is a 3000 per cent markup and the large corporations owned by the financial families own all the bottled water companies.  So information such as in this article only makes them richer because most people will simply go out and buy bottled water.

There are other ways to take care of this challenge...... such as no longer putting chemicals into our water systems....at the source!

Read on.....and then think about doing something to help yourself and others in this matter. 


Below is a link, please view and come to your own conclusions.


Thank you for being here and I appreciate your support and membership which helps move this information around the world. You are helping to make a positive difference! And thank you for sharing this article and my website with others you know and love.

In Love, Light, Peace and Service,

MJ Handy