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The Secret Of El Dorado: Bio Char or Black Gold

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Today our soils are depleted of all nutrients so that our crops are also depleted.  Our grown foods are like hollow tubes without nutrition and can only give us the illusion of filling our food needs.

But Mother Earth always has a solution and this article tells of Bio Char.... the most perfect way to replenish the soil and make it alive again.

The question then rests.... how do we implement this?  The answer begins with removing Cabal control of our Agriculture.  Read on.


Posted January 11, 1014 by Bibi Farber

A large pre-historic civilization is found in the central Amazon. Archeologists and scientists are shocked. The soil there is thought to be impossible to grow sufficient produce in. How could upward of a million people survive here, over a thousand years ago?

Could this be the elusive El Dorado, the city of gold?

Because there is a kind of gold here, in great abundance: bio char, or black gold. The most fertile soil on earth. It's no accident. Bio char is not naturally occurring in nature, it must be cultivated by man.

Bio Char is an ancient method of enhancing soil fertility and carbon sequestration with charcoal and organic matter. It helps the soil retain water and increase crop yields. It enhances microbiological activity. It retains nutrients for plants that would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere, or washed away by rains.

This could represent a key strategy in breaking the cycle of slash and burn farming, and restore our soil.

Now we know how this civilization thrived. At 30 minutes into this presentation, the miracle of Bio Char is explained. There is an 880% increase in crop yields when bio char is used!

And here is something we didn't know: The great civilization in the Amazon left a precious legacy. In the last 10 minutes of this documentary we learn that the stuff actually renews itself!

If we can unlock the secret to reproducing this black gold, we can save the planet!

This video was produced by the BBC

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