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"The desire to save seeds comes from an ethical urge to defend life's evolution"

Hello my viewers,

I came from a family of farmers and the saving of good organic seeds was SOP ..... handed down since the beginning of time as we know it.  Yet today, farmers are being sued by Monsanto and the Supreme court is siding with this evil company against the little guy..... or should I say, only in the USA.

In other countries, GMO products are now being banned and especially their seeds that then infect other normal and organic crops through the natural system of pollination.

The poor American farmer is being intimidated.... dictated to..... blackmailed......bought off.......and who knows what else...... forcing them to only use GMO seeds rather than natural and organic seeds, even though it is absolutely proven around the world that organic seeds grow better crops and produce more and better quality foods.

Learn how seed saving is our inborn right!


Article by Bibi Farber about Vandana Shiva, activist, author and scholar.

150,000 farmers in India have committed suicide in areas where seed has been destroyed -- where they have to buy the seed every year from Monsanto at a very high cost.

Saving seeds is crucial now for our farmers, for the plant varieties and species that will otherwise be extinct, for the health of the land and ourselves.

Here she explains to Bill Moyers her ethical and philosophical reasons for doing the outstanding work she does to save our seeds and our planet.

She is known for speaking out against GMO foods and works tirelessly to promote biodiversity and seed saving. The international organization she founded, Navdanya, is a network of seed keepers and organic producers spread across 16 states in India.

We also get some insight into her unique background with quantum physics: how it propels and informs her work and her philosophical direction.

Her organization, the Grandmother's University at Navdanya is both a research center, seed bank and organic farm.

She speaks about Monsanto, about the insanity of patented seeds, about reclaiming our common humanity and our recognition that we are Earth's citizens.

Brilliant as always, it is a distinct pleasure to see this woman speak on mainstream media.

--Bibi Farber

Vandana Shiva on the Problem with Genetically-Modified Seeds

Video by Vandana Shiva and Navdanya

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