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Why Won't They Sprout?

Hello my viewers, 

Out of the mouths of babes......and our new age of children will lead us into the Golden Age.....

How profound and simple an experiment regarding the sprouting of a potato and isn't it just wonderful that our children today can set up their computer and video themselves as public speakers or investigative reporters or a mini-scientist?  Simply wonderful.  Watch this video.... learn from it.... show it to your family and friends.  It is without a doubt a major reason to eat organic! 


Posted January 20, 2014 by  Riseearth.com

A little girl decided to do an experiment with a sweet potato.

Elise wanted to see vines grow from the potato, but after trying twice for three weeks each, she figured something was wrong.

Indeed, the conventionally grown potatoes were unable to behave like potatoes.

She went and got an organic potato. Watch out! The thing sprouted as big as a houseplant in a week!

She learned, and teaches us here, about the toxic chemical Bud Nip that ruined her first two potatoes...and much of the rest of our non-organic food supply.

View Video here:  Why Won't They Sprout?  

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