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Build a Vertical Garden

Hello my viewers,

Fresh plants (rather than artificial) in your home, especially a small apartment in a big and dirty city, is a MUST because they clean the air of CO2 and contaminates and freshen the air with Oxygen.  So when I saw this article, I said YEA because instead of covering your walls with do-dads or pictures or paintings that mean little or nothing to you, now you can decorate your interior walls with plants!  Ingenious, heh?  Check it out!


Posted: January 3, 2014 by Nextworldtv.com

Have you ever wanted to install a wall full of plants indoors?

Here is a NYC apartment with as much flora as a backyard, and much of it is climbing the walls.

Get inspired by this vertical garden design. You can almost smell how fresh the air is in here!

Video (3:29)



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