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Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Says Chemtrail Death Dumps Must Be Stopped

Hello my viewers,

Finally a big authoritative figure comes forward about chemtrails and gives them the name of Death Dumps! 

Maybe now we can use this interview as a tool or leverge to get our local people in charge to listen and to stop these chemtrails!  


Posted: Sat, January 25, 2014 by Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson

Death Dumps Must Be Stopped  

View interview with former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson 

Thank you for being here and please pass this information on to others.  When a former FBI Chief blows the whistle, then we need to act.  Share my website.  Find out who is flying those planes that are pouring chemicals into the air over your head.  Say no more and then do something!

In Love, Light, Peace and Service,

MJ Handy