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A New Cure for Cancer & Everything Else

Hello my viewers,

Every day new information is coming forth that will shake us up and down to our core.  The information below is one of those for sure!  We all want a quick fix.... a shortcut to health and longevity and rejeuvenation.

Well according to this author and apparently quite a few celebrities, this simple task might just be the magic cure for all of us because we are beings living in a magnetic and gravitational field and we are mostly fluid and we are on a molecular level, mostly space.

So why not?  Change the molecular spin and have a drink and heal your body!  Ok!  I'm in!  Let's do it!


Posted:  Wed, January 8, 2014 by David L. Kaas

The new-molecular "South-spun Electron Fluid Concept" now dove-tails w/ the famous Seven Year Cellular Rebuild in your own body! Now you can remain in the physical form for up to one-thousand years, by remembering FIRST to correct (North to South) the molecular electron-spin in the fluids that you drink each-day!

This break-through discovery was made nearly 20 years ago, but had to be proven first by the application to myself. Having recovered previous from a 3 week coma due to a brain Anuerism, gave me all the more reasons for proving this concept correct. At the age of 57 I can attest to it's validity, and now invite all of you to take a look at the videos I have created, in order to share this information with the world.

Many people who you know, are doing this simple process to their own fluids each and everyday! Dr Phil has even sent me email via the YouTube asking, "When will my hair begin to return to my head?" People like Jessie Ventura, Al Gore, Willie Nelson and Client Eastwood are now showing signs as well. Oprah Winfrey, Sheryl Crow, Stevie Nicks are just a few more!

This revolutionary concept will one-day soon, cause our problems to magically disappear before our eyes! Watch and see what it will do for you in just 13 seconds of influencing your glass of water. Try it on a glass of wine for 45 seconds and it makes all the difference in taste! This process will flatten any beer or soda in approximately 45 seconds as well.

The first video entitled: A New Cure for Cancer was made in 2006 and entered into the famous "Sundance Film Festival" with no response. After re-considerations, the second was produced. Then with the release of my book, the third video was placed upon the YouTube.com in hopes of reaching-out to everyone that is now suffering from unknown health problems. I have appeared upon several internet programs hosted by various people in a number of States across the country to date.

Thank you for being here and I really appreciate your membership-partner support because YOU are helping to make a positive difference in the world.

In Love, Light, Peace and Service,

MJ Handy