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CDC Cover Up - They Knew that Mercury in Vaccines Caused Autism

Hello my viewers,

Now the truth finally comes out.  The CDC had absolute evidence that mercury in vaccines caused autism but they were told to keep quiet about it. So who do you think had that kind of intimidation and power to keep an entire Federal Agency in a state of hush hush for so many years?  Just follow the money.  Those who have a financial interest in the big pharmaceutical industry.... the Cabal.... the Shadow Government..... the Financial Families who own the corporations....  etc etc.

I am so happy that whistleblowers are taking the risks to come forth so that more children will not be tainted anymore.

Please read on and pass this on.  Getting this information out to others is your job as well as mine!

Thanks for being here and supporting this website.

In Love, Light, Peace and Service,

MJ Handy


Posted on Activist Post  June 17, 2014