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Bill Maher, Outspoken Comedian Tells Letterman: "Big Pharma Is Killing Us"

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Breaking The Sound Barrier: Bill Maher says on Letterman: "The next great issue of our time is that we are being poisoned by the pharmaceutical industry."  Mostly, professionals, be they scientists, MDs, or journalists, are retaliated against and "discredited" (silenced) if they speak out against the Pharmaceutical and Media empire, but we found a rare clip from a few years ago where two mega-stars of network television openly SAY what millions of Americans know too well.

Comedian and talk show host Bill Maher has long been an outspoken foe of big pharma, and has taken an interest in alternative health. In this astonishing clip he says:

"The next great issue of our time is that we are being poisoned."

Letterman, himself on many medications, does not disagree with him!

He even says: "Tobacco companies for years and years continue selling their product and killing people and now you wonder if the same thing isn't happening with pharmaceutical companies?"

To which Maher says:

"I promise you it is."  View Video here

Posted: January 4, 2014 by Celia Farber

Thank you for being here and please share this important information with those you know and love. The more folks that know... the sooner the world becomes a better place.

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