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Eat Hemp Seeds, Use Hemp Seed Oil, Drink Hemp Seed Milk....and you can live beyond 100 years!

Hello my viewers,

In my refrigerator you will find what I call the trilogy of good health.  1) Hemp Seeds to put on eggs, salads, sauteed veggies, yogert and cereal.   2) Hemp Milk to use anywhere and anytime instead of any other milk   3) Hemp Seed Oil (refrigerated) to use on salads. 

According to this article posted July 23, 2014 by Natural Society and Christina Sarich, there is a village in China where the average age is over 100 because they eat hemp seeds!

So head over to your local health food store or on the internet... or even Cosco carried Hemp seeds....and get eatin them!  They are a blessed gift from God to support our health!

In Light, Love, Peace and Service,

MJ Handy