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Off Grid Eco Trailer OTIS: Optimal Traveling Independent Space

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Today it costs a lot of money to hop in the car and travel across the country, especially if you are a big family with many mouths to feed and in need of many beds to lie in sleep.  When I grew up, traveling in a tiny camper trailer was simply an explorer's dream but we were still dependent on stopping in a camper trailer park and hooking up to the sewer, the water supply and the electricity.  But now some college kids have given us a new and modern twist on making the road your home.  Check out this video and then pass it on to others.  Maybe you can even make your own OTIS soon!


Posted: February 7, 2014 at nextworldtv.com by Bibi Farber

There is a program called REED: Renewable Energy And Ecological Design in the Green Mountain College in Vermont. This is what 16 students came up with for their project: The Pod, a mobile Tiny House designed to be hitched to any vehicle. It has its own solar system for power, and the bathroom and kitchen are supplied with rainwater. It composts human waste. Talk about traveling light! Keep 'em coming, kids - you really got something there!

View Video of OTIS here

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