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David Adair at Area 51 – Advanced Symbiotic Technology

Hello my viewers,

I grew up with Twilight Zone and Star Trek adventures being a daily focus of discussion amongst my besties, but non of us were geniuses with a photographic memory and none of us were plugged into the Cosmic Matrix downloading space technology equations!  David Adair was doing this in the 70's and now we are seeing a new wave of children being born with similar abilities in all areas of expertise from technology to art and music.

Don't miss this video and please share it with your kids because we will all soon be  scooting around like the Jetson Family!


Posted: January 4, 2014 by David Adair 

David Adair explains how he built a fusion-driven rocket as a child in the early 70's... David has a photographic memory and the equations came to him in dreams. He goes onto share his experience with an off-planet engine of similar design, shown to him at Area 51. Quite a story. The video only runs about 40 minutes – the rest of the video time is blank.  

View Video here:  David Adair at Area 51 

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