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Bicycle Cell Phone Charger

Hellow my viewers,

Out of necessity an invention is made!  And for those in America who have electricity.... maybe we should plug our phone into a Smart Charger which would force us to get on our indoor bicycle and get some exercise!  Ha Ha!  Watch this video and please share this with others, especially your children, to help them get the Invention Bug!


Posted on January 14, 2014 at nextworldtv.com by Bibi Farber

It is estimated that some 17.5 million people out of Kenya's 38.5 million population own a cell phone.

But how do you charge it? In rural areas, there is no electricity. People have to travel great distances to stores where they charge the equivalent of about $2 to charge up a phone.

Now two Kenyan students have created the Smart Charger -- powered by any bicycle! After about an hour of cycling, the phone is charged.

What a revolutionary solution: simple, smart and totally carbon free! 

View Video here 

Thank you for being here and please share this important information with those you know and love. The more folks that know... the sooner the world becomes a better place.

In Love, Light, Peace and Service,

MJ Handy