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Toning for Health

Hello my Viewers,

Over my many younger years, I did extensive study into natural healing methods available here in the USA and also did extensive travel where I investigated other cultural methods of natural healing.

A few facts I found out were most interesting. For instance, when you play the scale notes on the piano, the C note vibrates the same as the color red, and as you go up the seven note scale C, D, E, F, G, A, B...... the colors progress in the same manner as your seven chakra colors in the body....... Red, orange, yellow, green blue indigo and violet. Thus, by common sense, it denotes that if you tone the scale either by an instrument such as a piano or a tuning fork, each note will resonate within the chakra that the vibrations relate to or match up to.

Then of course, there is another instrument called your own voice or the voice of someone else toning in your presence. In ancient Egypt, at the Temple/Pyramid of Sakkara, when a person was feeling ill or got sick, they would come to this temple to be healed. As they entered the temple, they walked through a long row of columns, each having been built in a sequence of material vibrations to match the seven scale notes so a patient would begin to be chakra balanced as they entered the healing area.

Then the patient would stand upon a large stone platform out in the open, wherein a trained toning priest would hide behind a pillar or partition of the temple within about 20 yards from the patient. There the priest would begin toning, using the various vowel sounds formulated by his mouth and lips, and doing this seven times with each scale note beginning at the root/base/red chakra and ending up at the top/crown/violet chakra. This process was considered a method of diagnosis.

When the healing priest toned in this manner, they were able to decipher where the person was out of sorts or what area of their body needed healing, based upon the patient's responses to the tonings as well as the priest's intuitive and physical inner feelings that they picked up during the toning from the patient.

The end result was superbly amazing. The toning healed the patient, most often times completely. Or the toning began the healing and then the priest would recommend certain herbs and possibly a return visit for more toning depending on the extent and nature of the illness or dis – ease of the patient.

So today, these ancient ways and incredible knowledge are returning and are entering into the realm of holistic and natural healing choices for people who are not well. Experts like Jill Mattson and others are doing great work to bring forth this information and this option to patients that want to seek methods outside the norm of using medical doctors and prescription drugs.

It is said by many that in the future, especially as we reunite with our galactic families, which is a time not too far off in the distant future, that healing chambers will be the norm and that these chambers will have crystals and lights and sound to accomplish the return of perfect health for humans.

In the meantime, please check out Jill's website for further information on this subject.

In Love, Light and Service,

MJ Handy

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Toning for Health by Jill Mattson

When we can't keep our thoughts and moods positive, sound can re-establish healthy frequencies in our body.

Toning increases the energy in our body, raises the frequencies of organs, releases negative energy, and balances our energy. Sound can break up stuck energy and restore the body's natural resonance. Toning gives us a body tune-up!

Laurel Keyes writes that, "The purpose of toning is to restore the vibratory pattern of the body to its perfect electromagnetic field, so that it will function in harmony with itself".

Laurel Keyes writes about a small group of people that toned vowel sounds while imagining the tone going through another's body. Laurel reports tumors healed, cancers cured and other marvelous affects.

Another beautiful benefit of toning is that the recipient of healing sound doesn't have to know you are doing it, for it to work.

Singing vowel sounds is a powerful way to refresh our energy and improve our health. The process of singing a vowel sound with the pitch changing is called "toning". We tone using vowel sounds because vowel sounds carry our true feelings, especially the ones we hide from ourselves.

Vowel sounds like "ooooooh" and "aaaaaaaah" can express our feelings. When we sing vowel sounds, our underlying feelings are expressed. In contrast, consonants help us express our thoughts.