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LENA SHEEHAN - Medium, Author, Teacher Extraordinaire!

Hello my viewers,

I am a personal friend and have known Lena Sheehan for many years.  Lena was born a medium and was able to communicate with angels and masters and spirits of loved ones and also be a conduit for incredible healing energies to help people since she was a child.  

She has been on radio and tv.... she has written a wide variety of books.... she has taught classes in college, corporate and private seminars and to individuals for several decades.

She is a dedicated and capable Lightworker who has spent her life helping other people.  I highly recommend her.

Enclosed is her own bio information and her website links for your benefit.

Thank you for being here and please share my website with others.

In Love, Light and Service,

MJ Handy 

Lena Sheehan was born with the ability to see and connect with the other side and blessed with all of her psychic gifts intact. She has dedicated over 23 years to the care and management of body, mind and spirit from a holistic standpoint. Feeling strongly that a balanced connection between an individual's body, mind, spirit and the world of spirit is needed in order to achieve an optimum life experience, Lena has spent her years improving and enhancing her God given abilities through studies and the guidance of others in the physical and spirit worlds as well as learning new skills to incorporate when helping those who come to her for assistance.

An internationally known Visionary, Psychic Medium, Spiritist and Author, she holds a diploma in Traditional Naturopathy, is a Certified Nutrition Specialist, a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Certified Remote Deposessionist, the Founder of Haymanootha Method of Spiritual Healing (also referred to as The Sheehan Technique of Healing), a Reiki Master, a Karuna Ki Master, a Reflexologist and is ordained in the Lively Stones Fellowship, founded by Dr. Willard Fuller and is an Interfaith Minister Director for the Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc founded by Rick and Jeni Prigmore.

Because she is able to tune into others from a distance, people around the world enjoy her assistance with life issues through her psychic and mediumship work over the telephone and via live call-in on local and international radio. Lena is a five star review author with multiple self-help books to her credit. She also provides an array of learning courses both in her upstate New York location and through distance study. For more information on Lena Sheehan and to read testimonies from others about her skills and ability to assist her fellow man go to:


For more information on her courses go to http:////www.academyforthemasses.com

Radio link: http:////www.lenainc.com/ON_AIR_RECORDINGS.html

Books link: http:////www.lenainc.com/BOOKS_BY__LENA_SHEEHAN.html

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