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MONA RAIN - Shamanic Healer

Hello my viewers,

I personally know Mona Rain and can tell you that she is an amazing person of Light, Wisdom, Knowledge, and many ancient methods of healing.

Mona has traveled to many ancient, sacred sites and been an apprentice to many different Shamans who have guided her through her own Journey of awakening the healer within herself.  

On several occassions I have had direct healings from Mona in her famous "crystal cave" located in Boynton Beach, FL and I can tell you that I received amazing results, not only for my own healing needs, but also for opening and awakening my soul and its purpose on this planet and my ability to communicate with Master teachers.

I highly recommend Mona for those who are nudged to contact her and be sure to find out when her next Spiritual Journey Tour is to Peru and more!

Thank you for being here and please share my website with others.

In Love, Light and Love,

MJ Handy 

About Mona Rain Chacaruna Healing - Shamanic Healer, curandera

Mona was initiated into her Path of Light and the Fire Tradition in the high Andean mountains by the Yachak fire shamans in Ecuador, following her own shamanic death after a vaccine poisoning. Immediately the energies and traditions of the Andes became her passion and life's work.

As a chacaruna and healer for the past 25 years, Mona is gifted in bridging ancient shamanic traditions with holistic healing practices. Her sacred walk is assisting others to cross over vital bridges within themselves, whether it's from one state of consciousness to another, from the mind to the heart, and/or from dis-ease to well-being and empowerment.

Mona's extensive trainings in holistic medicine includes 12 years employed in comprehensive outpatient physical therapy, working closely with orthopaedists, neurologists, dentists, naturopaths, acupuncturists, psychologists. She studied craniosacral therapy and acupressure at the Upledger Institute taking advanced course trainings, including therapeutic imagery & "speaking" with the consciousness of the body/mind/spirit. She was also a student of transpersonal psychology at the Synthesis Institute in Miami, and of renowned spiritual teacher and medium, Renate Moore.

As Mona's interest and personal healing grew in the shamanic realms, her journey and trainings developed within the indigenous cultures of North and South America. Vision questing, pilgrimages & initiations, ceremonies upon the lands, and with the medicine people and sacred medicine plants inform her shamanic practice today.

As Mona inter-weaves shamanic healing practices of the ancients with modern needs, she expertly guides your OWN innate healing wisdom. This offers clients and students healing, balance, harmony and personal empowerment in these auspicious times of awakening consciousness.

Mona maintains a private healing practice at The Shaman Spirits Cave in Boynton Beach, FL. and at The Center for Human Development in Hollywood, FL. She offers healings, shamanic journeying, workshops, mentoring, exploration of the divine feminine, drumming & ceremony, and Ecuadorian fire cleansings." ...Walk softly on Pachamama, and Be Her PRAYER..."