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MIKA NELSON - An Amazing Medium, Healer and Crystal Master

Hello my viewers,

I personally know Mika Nelson as he was my guide on my first trip to see John of God in Brazil.  Mika is a most sincere and gifted man who completely dedicates his life to sharing the Healing Arts with as many people as he can talk to.  Many folks contact him and sponsor him to come to their areas and teach which he does with joy and gladness in his heart.

Totally aligned with God energies, Mika is a true halmark in the healing fields.  I will be traveling to visit John of God with him once again October 20th to November 2nd, 2014.  If any of you feel the nudge and want to know more, please contact me at MJ@QandAwithMJ.com .

Thank you for being here and please share my website with others.

In Light, Love and Service,

MJ Handy

Mika is recognized worldwide for his excellence in teaching on crystals, energy healing and Magnified Healing. Called "a teacher's teacher and a healer's healer" by many, Mika is a trained Crystal Keeper and Guardian, a Traditional Reiki and Karuna Reiki Master, Master Teacher of Magnified Healing and a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Mika's teaching ministry includes structured classes in crystal and gemstone therapy. He was a teacher with Katrina Raphaell's Crystal Academy in Kauai and now certifies students under his own school, The Academy for Healing Arts. He also studied with Lazaris and has extensive experience with Marcel Vogel techniques. Mika lectures on crystals and healing at the United Nations in NYC.

Mika's healing work derives from over 20 years of personal growth and commitment to walking his spiritual path. From early on, Mika's desire to assist in service has led him on his spiritual quest for understanding and raising higher consciousness, so that he can assist others in raising their own vibration, now combining Divine Right use of Will in an instantaneous healing, as they in turn assist others towards their goals and destinie