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GAIA ENERGYS with George and Karin

Hello my viewers,

I personally know George and Karin DiPiero and the gifts they share through their company Gaia Energys which are truly wonderful and quite extensive in nature relating to the health and healing of their clients.

I also know them as guides to the natural wonders of Brazil and also to John of God.  Both lived in Brazil and speak the language which is the only way to travel as locals outside of the cities rarely speak anything but Portugueze.

Once a year they make a Spiritual Pilgrimidge to Brazil spending one week treking North of Brazilia to see crystals, waterfalls, mineral baths and an occassional UFO followed by the Temple of Goodwill in Brazilia.  Then they head South to Abadiania to the Casa of the famous healing medium, John of God where miracles happen every day.  Both Karin and George have had medically documented and proven healings within their bodies after being there.

You will not find a more knowlegeable, kind and easy-going couple in their expertise and travel abilities as they guide you to healing your body and awakening your soul and life's path.

Below is their information for you to learn about them and share with others.

Thank you for being here and I appreciate you sharing my website with others you know.

In Love, Light and Service,

MJ Handy




Directly from your HEART


Meet George

George combines a mixture of Native American, Inca, Celtic, Egyptian, Crystalline, Atlantean, and Angelic modalities in his healing practice. His Atlantean Guides have shown him how to create many different Atlantean tools utilized for healing such as Three and Four sided Copper Pyramids, an Atlantean Healing Portal and hand held tools... all made with Intention and Purpose. His guides have taught him how to use these tools to assist individuals in Self-Healing. George teaches classes about these tools. He also works with moving energy. He scans an individual's energy field for excess energies. Once these energies are detected, they are removed He is also able to program his scanning to detect past life traumas. George's mission is to transmute dense energies into Love and Light to help restore Balance.


Meet Karin

A crystal lover who integrates the energies of all the elements within her gifts. With the assistance of her Guides, she channels messages from the Mineral, Plant , Angelic and Animal kingdoms as well as the Ascended Masters of Light. Karin combines Crystalline Energies and Natural Elements to assist individuals in their path toward Self Realization through the infusion of Vibration, Color, Sacred Geometry, and Sound Healing. Crystal Grids are her passion. Karin teaches about crystals, crystal grids, sacred geometry, and more...

Karin & George DiPiero own and operate Gaia Energys. They have been working with crystals for over10 years. They are both Certified Crystal Practitioners, Reiki Masters and have studied with Native American, Peruvian and Celtic Shamanic Traditions. They lead Spiritual Trips/Journeys to remote areas in Brasil.

They incorporate their learnings in their Spiritual Practices by assisting you in Connecting...Balancing...and Manifesting...directly from your Heart.

As Above, So Below....As Within, So Without...

For more information about Karin & George DiPiero,

please visit their website at www.gaiaenergys.com