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Julie "RavenHawk" Kincaid a/k/a "Jewels" - Crystals, Jewelry, & Totem Ties and More!

Hello my viewers,

I have had the honor of meeting and working with "Jewels" outside of Hot Springs, Arkansas and am very impressed with her knowledge and wisdom about energies, crystals, and how they can be used in ceremony and/or to balance and heal the body.  Jewels comes from her heart and has wonderful guidance from her Spirit guides to help you understand your path or journey on your way to enlightenment. 

She persoanally helped me to translate a dream I had where 9 different animals came to me and as "creature teachers" had conversations with me in the dream.  From there she helped me design the FIRST EVER TOTEM TIE which I cherish today which holds each animal from my dream so I can wear it like a necklace/necktie during ceremonies of importance in this life.  She also made me a "chakra balancing" necklace, a "life path journey" necklace and picked out an excellent pendulum for me as well.

I recommend her highly and hope you will connect with her soon.

Thank you for being here and please share this information with others.

In Love, Light, Peace and Service,

MJ Handy

Julie "RavynHawk" Kincaid began her career working with crystals in the fall of 1992, after having a life-changing experience, while digging her own crystals with her best friend Dino, whom she later married. She is a semi-retired massage therapist and crystal practitioner, with a deep respect and love for the Native American spirituality and all healing modalities, as well as a passion for working with crystals. Blessed with a broad base of knowledge and guided by intuition, she is currently writing a book on crystals and also enjoys creating personalized, empowerment and healing jewelry and gardens for her clients. She is an accomplished writer, doing most of the writing for their many websites, in between the time spent with the many visitors to their shop. In addition, she loves to do readings working with animal medicine, astrology, numerology, kinesiology and ascended masters and has done various crystal workshops, some of which are especially geared towards children and families.


For more than 22 years now, Jewels "RavynHawk" Kincaid has embraced the beauty and truth found in Native American spirituality, and she and her beloved husband Dino decided to move to Mount Ida, AR "The Crystal Capital of the World" in the autumn of 1999, where they have built a wonderful shop, and continue to share their passion, knowledge and many talents with all those who visit. Dino is also a remarkable jeweler and they often collaborate when creating custom jewelry, using her knowledge and his craftsmanship. Together they are wonderful team of "the Teacher and the Tool-Maker.

They and their work can be found at www.crystalseen.com, Crystal Seen Trading and Triple Gateway on FaceBook, and their crystals, stone and jewelry can also be found on EBay and Etsy. Here are the links for those sites~ https://www.facebook.com/groups/115889111843705/, and https://www.facebook.com/CrystalSeen?fref=ts