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Luis Thorin - Successful Against All Odds - Language Coach & Translator

Hello my viewers,

Below is an intro to a wonderful Language Coach and Translator/Interpreter and below that is his true live near death story that has left him blind for life.  Despite these challenges, Luis is a Spiritual devotee and understands the bigger picture of our Journey into the Golden Age.

I recommend you read about him and then if you feel guided, contact him.  He is a true Angel in a people body.

Thank you for being here and sharing this website with others.

In Love, Light, Peace, and Service

MJ Handy


Are you interested in improving your conversation skills in English or Spanish? Samos Languages is a new service that will allow you to converse freely in your second or third language. Luis Thorin is a Language Coach and a certified Spanish/English interpreter with 20 years of experience. Most language learning programs concentrate on building a strong foundation in grammar, while neglecting the most important skill; to be able to speak the language. I present an approach where everything is conversation based, no book work. Use of dictionaries may be an exception in order to prepare for the encounter. It is important to feel and experience the language that you are learning. I am willing to take you with me in this adventure. Please let me determine your language level, and we can start from there. I can work in person or via Skype either one-to-one or in groups.

Thank you.

Luis Thorin

Language Coach/ Certified Interpreter and Translator

Samos Languages



Here is Luis Thorin's Story

I was not expecting this week to be different for me. I don't normally think about what happened 33 years ago on June 16, 1981. I had a very serious motorcycle accident; my motorcycle hit a moving car head-on, and I flew over the car landing 11 m. (33 ft) against a parked car. The helmet took the full impact. I did not realize for a long time what had happened; it was a miracle! ... I had only one fracture, though it was not clear for some time. My accident took place in Bogota, Colombia at midnight. I was taken by a medical student passing by to a nearby clinic where I was misdiagnosed due to the lack of a CT scan on the premises. My father was a surgeon, so he found other specialists who arranged my transfer to a hospital that had a CT scan, though no MD could be found to operate it. 8 hours after my accident I went into surgery to relieve the intra-cranial pressure due to the many blood clots that had formed as a consequence of the massive internal bleeding I experienced after the skull fracture. I went into a coma 4 hours after the accident, though I had managed to walk with help into the car that took me to the clinic. I was in a coma for 1 month, and it was not clear if I would come out of it, or when. The process of coming out of a coma is not immediate, so it took me many days to realize what had happened. I had no memory of the accident and of much else for a while. I still have no real memory of that day.

I am telling you this story because I now believe I decided to have the accident before it happened, not exactly when it took place, but before I came into this life. It was all planned for my spiritual development. I have learned in the last 33 years that many events in our life have been decided by us with the help of an advice board before coming into life. I had chosen the family, time and date of my birth, and many things that would happen to me later.

I have to admit that things were not easy, though I have had great luck finding my way around, and having a productive life. My family has been very supportive after my accident. My mother and sister flew from Denmark the day after, and spent a lot of time with me during my recovery. My mother and father made it possible for me to get an education. I spent four months in Denmark doing intensive physical therapy after having a VP Shunt implanted in my brain. I went from barely moving to walking, running, swimming and more in a few months. My blindness rehabilitation would be another issue, which came a little later. My sister spent more than a year with me in the U.S. while I was doing rehab.

Emma was a Labrador retriever who helped me immensely during my college years. I used a cane for some years and did not particularly like it. Thus I decided to try a guide dog. We were together for 8 years, sharing everything. We flew many times on airplanes, went on trains, subways, taxis, cars, and were fairly independent. She received an honorary diploma from my MBA program since she attended all of the classes.

It was hard to move and get acquainted to new places. A major factor was the brain injury that I had sustained in the accident that destroyed completely the Occipital Lobes and partially the left frontal lobe. I am blind due to brain damage, not to eye damage, though there is some damage to the optic nerve due to lack of blood flow. Brain damage carries along a lot of issues such as invisible disabilities, as lack of spacial sense, which helps a person get oriented to new areas. I still have great difficulty with orientation to closed areas like my apartment. My fiancé, who is my best physical and spiritual friend, says I am not like the regular blind people; my memory is not good, my orientation is poor, I don't touch to see with my hands, I don't use my other senses as much as I could. I did manage to survive in a not so hospitable sighted world for 33 years, and I am still here, in great health.

I could not afford all of the medicines prescribed for me in the U.S. and take nothing now. I was so medicated it was hard to function. I went cold turkey (stopped all at once.) This was hard at first but I managed to do it without medical intervention.

I also developed sleep apnea, lived with it for over 20 years, and now live free of machines as well.

I hope my experiences help you not to give up hope, and to be sure there is a purpose for every one of us. I chose not to die, and do something with my life. I believe a lot happened while I was unconscious. I decided to come back and finish what I had started. I have some regrets, though I cannot remember now ... trying to be funny!

I forgot to finish my story about Emma.

I decided she deserved to retire after finishing my master's degree, before I went for training for blindness skills for a year, and then going to work. My first job was as a customer service representative sitting in front of a computer in a call-center. Later I became an interpreter. I did not find it easy to get around hospitals with a guide dog. I decided she deserved to enjoy her life with another dog and a family that had some land. I wanted her to be free, not stuck in an apartment.

I worked as an interpreter in a clinic part of a County hospital. I had received training in the university to do this work, though many do it without education. I was very responsible and decided to get all of the training available. My education in college did not help me to find jobs; my language skills did. What an irony, after more than 9 years of education since I started in a community college. I was very lucky I was able to go to the U.S. for my education and be able to do as much as I did. I know blind people in Colombia and admire them very much. The system is not made for the blind to be fully independent.

I had gone through very basic training for blindness skills in Florida before my guide dog and college experience. It was not much, just enough to be semi-independent getting around and living in dorms, and later apartments. I decided to get advanced training for the blind to be able to find a job with my education. This did not make any sense to my father. After a very intensive 1 year training I became much more independent, cooking, cleaning, getting around better, reading Braille, using computers with speech, and more. I ended up meeting and getting married to a partially blind woman. We were together for 14 years, which was a good experience. Things did not work out, and we got divorced 7 years ago.

I believe everything that has happened to me in my life have brought me to where I am now. I live in a Greek island with my fiancé and 3 cats. We are very happy.

I just want to finish by stating that even though circumstances may make life difficult, nothing is impossible. To the ancient Greeks blindness was the worse punishment; I think there is much worse. I don't consider myself a special person, though I am me, and I did what was necessary not to become a piece of furniture in an asylum. I believe we are in our lives to experience things and that's why I did not give up. Blindness is not easy, though it is not the worst thing that can happen. My angels are with me, making sure I complete what I came here to do. I believe we all have a mission, and I know mine.

If others are interested In sharing hopeful stories, and near-death experiences, I can be contacted by email at lugin01@gmail.com or through Facebook. I still want to be productive, thus I am starting a Language Coach Service. I live in Greece now. I can help others via Internet with Skype or in person.