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What is a Monad and are Past Lives Real?

Hello my viewers,

In this posting, I wish to speak to you about Monads and Past Lives as I personally understand them.

Firstly, let me say, that 95+% of the people on the planet today, have lived many, many times before, either on this planet or other planets and very possibly in other solar systems. It is truly rare that a person living today would be in physical life form for the very first time, but I have heard of several like Inelia Benz whose website and work can be found at www.ascension101.com. The difference of believing in past lives or not is currently based in culture and religions. Billions of people believe in them and billions do not.

Here in the USA, our original religious base for the majority of settlers was Christianity and the good book that was followed was the King James Bible. What most folks do not realize is that before that group of chapters was placed into the bible in the 300 AD period by Constantine, prior to that, the scriptures were filled with stories and references of past lives and reincarnation. But the Roman Emperor decided to remove anything of that nature and replace it with biblical chapters that would control the populace and convince them that they only had one life to live so they needed to tow the line according to Roman law to make sure they would be blessed in the afterlife.

Now other cultures still to this day believe in the Cycle of Life where we keep going round and round, birth, death, and rebirth, until we evolve into our highest thinking "I AM SELF" and return to the God head. Some cultures believe we do this only in human form while other cultures like Buddhism believe that we can be reborn as an animal or insect rather than recycling only as a human.

And now, as we are evolving with mediumship communications from great Master Teachers, we are re-learning or remembering that we originally began as a Monad. So you say....Monad? ...... what is that?

Well, think of your Monad as The Original Divine Egg from whence all of your current and past lives were hatched out of. But for you to conceive that, you must allow your thoughts and imagination to go out there..... way out there....... to get a bigger and bigger and bigger picture of our planet, galaxy, solar system, cosmos and beyond.

When we think of a Creator, we basically think of the Creator who made this planet earth and all life upon it. Now I want you to think of the concept of infinity and allow yourself to think of this.... who was the Creator of that Creator?......and who was the Creator of the Creator of the Creator...... and who was the Creator of the Creator of the Creator of the Creator...... and just keep on going outward and outward in the concepts of space and time, because it is truly infinite in nature.

So from that perspective, let us imagine that one of the Creators was given the task or opportunity to show his/her stuff, to create this Cosmos. Now remember this Cosmos herein contains billions of solar systems of which contain billions of galaxies such as our Milky Way which herein contains billions of planets such as earth of which contains billions of people on this earth and remember that our Cosmos is only one of billions of more Cosmoses in the continuum of space and time. Yes, it is truly mind boggling to say the least.

So let's get back to our Cosmos and when it was created by our particular Cosmos Creator. Well, it was at that time when the Seraphim and Cherubim were created and then the Cherubim helped that Creator to formulate and create our Monads. Now within each Monad was an unlimited amount of Creator energy and when our Monad decided to create one of our lifetimes.... it simply sent out some seeds of light or a grouping of life force sparkles or a stream of life-energy stars which then formulated into the birth of one of our lives. So our Monad is like an unlimited Mother of Creation that is uniquely our own and in the process of sending out energy that becomes a birth of a unique soul in some life form being, we are always and forever energetically attached to our Monad like an invisible umbilical cord. Our Monad has the full and complete knowledge and awareness of every one of our past and current lives as well as the full and complete knowledge of the Cosmos and all the Solar Systems and Galaxies and Planets that came after the creation of that Monad. Pretty amazing stuff, heh?

So when the Monad sends out this stream of light energy.... Like sending out a firecracker into the dark abyss..... it enters into the Causal plane of existence which then formulates into the Physical plane of the birth of a new soul and a new life form for the purpose of your Monad to experience "all there is" for that is the purest expression of God from within.

Now imagine that you might have lived..... more than likely in a different form than you now physically have, on many different planets in many different galaxies and many different solar systems on many different levels or within many different layers in the space-time continuum. And then eventually, your Monad decided to start sending out light strings to become human beings on the planet earth, which believe it or not, has been around for billions of years, not just thousands. So on this planet earth, as it has evolved in the last millenniums of time, you could have lived many times in human form, each time having a unique soul that was still energetically attached to your Monad so that when you experienced the death cycle, your soul energy would return to the original birthing Monad mother that is exclusively yours.

And in these many life times on planet earth, it was not necessarily so that you lived only one life time at a time! Your Monad could very well have sent out many streams of creative light energy so that you birthed upon this planet in many different places in many different times, or birthed upon this planet in many lifetimes often happening simultaneously and/or you could have been living a life on another planet as well as lives here on earth in the same time frame! I know.... again... mind boggling! So of course, right now, you could be living several lives at this time on this planet and literally you could run into "yourself" or one of your Monad placements of "yourself" and wouldn't that be a hoot?

Now your current body is just a physical house for one of your souls from your mother Monad but because of this connection, you actually can tune into or tap into your Monad to review any and all of your past lives because all of those experiences are stored within your Monad and are available to you. Thus, you can often utilize your past life knowledge, abilities and experiences by tapping into them and bringing them forth into this present life! Very cool, heh? But more often than not, most of those past lives did not have happy days or happy endings, so more often than not, our current job is to go back and clean and clear all the negative memory energy chords that are dragging us down in this life and at the same time bring forth all the good and uplifting memories from our old lives into this new life, knowing that our job is to evolve as a human to the point of ascending with our physical body into the higher or heavenly realms and thus break the cycle of birth and death. It is this underlying quest that has always been there and always kept us going forward, rebirth after rebirth. It has always been a journey about re-uniting as a whole with our Monad and our original Creator. Simple right?

Once I heard the Archangel Gabriel speak through a trance medium named Penny Donavan in Albany, NY. When asked about our rebirth-reincarnation cycle, he/she said that we as humans seem to always choose the long and hard road to get back to our beginnings or back to God. And we choose this because we want to experience all that we can which is the true desire of our Creator pushing forward through us. So basically we our curious and always wanting to learn and know more and more, thus it takes us on the average about 5 million years to get back to God, experiencing life after life after life to get there. I know for myself personally, I have had thousands of lives and most of them pretty short lived! But what Gabriel then added to his/her comments was this..... He/she said that deep within us is the truth and knowledge that instead of going round and round, birth-death-re-birth, and living all of those lives in a long and drawn out journey to return to our Monad and Creator, if we just put our mind and thoughts and intentions and passion to that single focus of desire, that we could accomplish that full cycle return to our Creator in about 2 weeks! Hearing that from an Archangel literally blew out my brain cells! I could not believe what I heard.... but then there was a part of me that simply knew for sure that was the absolute truth.

So my friends, why are we here? It truly is simple. We are here to know God, express God and reunite with God...... that is the Divine Trilogy in a nut shell.

Thank you for being here and if you would like to have a past life regression to clear away old negative memories or a current life regression to clear away present life negative memories or a session to learn about daily tools to keep you on the Divine path, please check out my services under the Shop With MJ tab on the home page.

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In Love, Light and Service,

MJ Handy