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Brain Activity after death is now verified scientifically

Hello my viewers,

Years ago I used to teach a variety of classes (34 for of them over a ten year period) at the State University of NY Broome Community College in Binghamton, NY. These classes ranged from Developing Your Psychic Abilities to Communicating With Angels.

One class that I enjoyed sharing with students was about NDEs or Near Death Experiences, which have now been scientifically proven to be real. A Near Death Experience often reported by cardiac arrest survivors worldwide is now being grounded in science, according to research at the University of Michigan Health System. See this link from www.riseearth.com.


At this research school, they are attempting to explain why the brain continues to function well after clinical death which is when it is declared that your heart has stopped and your blood is no longer flowing and thus you are said to be dead.

The subject of death is usually taboo in social conversations and the concept of death is rated at the number one top spot of fears, especially in cultures like here in America. Other cultures have different teachings and beliefs about the death experience so in those circumstances, followers of those thoughts or religions are not so afraid to die. But here in the USA..... it is a real "biggie" fear.

When I was finishing my degree in Social Services at SUNY Binghamton, I did a thesis paper on death and dying and related the paper not only to the profound work of Elizabeth Kubler Ross, but related the various ideas and beliefs throughout different cultures and religions. In addition, I brought both factors into the analysis of NDEs and discussed in the paper the reasons why when people of Christianity experience an NDE, they most often times see Jesus.... and when people of Islam experience an NDE, they most often times see Mohammed.....and when people of Buddhism have an NDE, they most often times see Buddha, and so forth and so on. Thus, what a person deeply believes at the time of the NDE will dictate their experience as they move "through the tunnel of light" and spend some time "on the other side."

Death is part of the cycle of life, so beautifully put in the Cycle of Life song in the cartoon movie The Lion King. If you look at nature, you see the cycle of life and death in every living form of life, both plant and animal, and it is the same for us as well.

We are born and we die....... at least we do at this time in our evolution....... but being born and not dying is another subject for another day.

The most interesting events relating to NDEs are a great variety of unexplained results. There are books on the market from people who have had NDEs that came back with incredible abilities that they did not have before. These might include the ability to heal other people or might include the ability to understand how to build a rocket ship or might include the ability read and speak in a foreign language. But usually, the result of an NDE is a greater appreciation for life and a greater bond with family and loved ones and most importantly, the loss of the fear of death. Once a person has crossed over to the other side and comes back, they are changed for the rest of their life in the most loving and positive ways. It is only on a rare occasion that a person experiencing an NDE has a bad or awful experience, as in one case where the man said he "went to hell and back" but if you trace that persons belief systems prior to his NDE, he had a very powerful belief in hell and a powerful belief that he was such a bad sinner that he was going go to hell rather than heaven.

So, I welcome all of you, my readers and viewers, to write to me and tell me if you have ever had an NDE and what you experienced before, during and after. I will maintain your confidence and not share this information with anybody, unless you give me your permission to do so, and this can be shared anonymously to protect you if you choose to allow me to share it. The reason I ask for this is that I am being guided to use this website to help others, and if I am able to post other people's real life and death experiences, it may be just the thing that helps somebody else who is confused and suffering from the lack of knowing and understanding the NDE that they experienced. So please consider participating and please contact me at MJ@QandAwithMJ.com and please put in the subject line: MY NDE EXPERIENCE.

Thank you so much for being here and please share this website and this information with others. And if you feel inspired to help keep this work going, consider becoming a Donation Angel to help the cause.

Thank you for being here. In Love, Light and Service

MJ Handy