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9 Year Old Remembers and Discusses The Universe and Who We Are

Hello my viewers,

For those of you who do not believe in or simply do not know about Past Lives, there is an amazing amount of factual evidence relating to this subject that is available today to search out and study.  Years ago everyone believed in past lives, but in 330 AD the Bible was reconstructed by the Emperor Justinian, and all mentions or links to that subject were removed.  They did this so that the Roman Catholic Church (and Christianity) could act like the ONLY intermediary to speak to God and that we had to follow their teachings because we ONLY had this one life to live and how we lived it determined whether we went to heaven or hell for eternity.

Here is the link to this video which.... out of the mouths of babes..... should set you to questioning everything from this day forth.

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MJ Handy

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Posted on extraterrestrials.ning.com      June, 2014