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Sir Nicholas Winton saved 669 kids from Nazi Death Camps

Hello my viewers,

Recently I watched a movie on HBO called "The Pianist" which depicted a terrible time in our history when Warsaw, Poland was overrun by Nazi Germany and over a period of 5 years exterminated millions of Jews which we now know as the Holocaust.

For those of you who are too young to know of these events or too young to have met a survivor of the gas chamber camps, then please get this movie and take in, with all of your emotions, because it graphically depicts just what it was like to have lived in those times as a Jew.

Then, out of the blue comes this amazing story, 50 years later, about a man named Sir Nicholas Winton who is a truly amazing hero and who was given a tearful surprise on TV when he discovered that everyone in the audience was one of the 669 kids of which he saved their lives from the Nazi death camps.

Yes, this man is truly an Angel on Earth. Get the tissues.... It is only 1 ½ minutes of video, but it will make you cry with joy and make you be ever so thankful to be alive.

Thank you for being here.

In Love, Light and Service,

MJ Handy