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Massive Object Shows Over Quiet Sun - July 2014 PLUS MJ's UFO photos from Brazil 3-14

Hello my viewers,

When I traveled in Brazil in March, 2014, I often would point my camera towards the sun and take some photos.  The results that show up in my photos is truly amazing as it shows a Mother Ship UFO sending out a "probe" or "energy gathering vessel" directly into the sun and back again.  This is the first time these photos have been shown to QandAwithMJ.com members.

Then here in July 2014....after days and days of our typically bursting solar flare sun being dead quiet with no flares at all..... this amazing object shows up on the camera, doing a similar thing.

What do you think?  Look at the size of this object or energy field.  It truly leaves a question mark for an explanation. 


And below are a few of my own photos of this phenomenon:




Mother Ship clearly sending a probe ship to the Sun 


 Mother Ship Probe Heading to the Sun


Probe from Mother Ship Almost to the Sun


Probe ship enter the area of the Sun


Mother Ship Probe Enters Sun Energy area