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Now you can train to communicate with Galactics

Hello my viewers,

Those of you who know and have followed Dr. Stephen Greer may have heard about groups around the world that are learning how to communicate with our Galactic families.

Here is the information and the website like if you would like to know more.

From www.galacticconnection.com August, 2013

CeRPER is the European CE-5 Expedition and Intrapersonal Development Center; an independent non-profit diplomatic and scientific organization registered in England and Wales engaged in human initiated Star Being (ET) Contact Training.

The CeRPER Diplomat ET1C Training program provides guidance in quiet mind/mediation, inter-dimensional communication, bio-field sensing, remote viewing, consciousness expansion and more from within a holistic vis-a-vis spiritual growth framework.

Orientated towards a rational non-anthropocentric understanding of star visitors, CeRPER encourages a synthesis of empiricism and spiritual understanding as a necessary component for successful star person contact and communication which to date, empiricism alone has failed to achieve.

Unlike the NASA funded SETI project, CeRPER's human initiated star person contact programe explores and uses human consciousness, emotional intelligence, bio-electromagnetics and psi-skill training augmented with technical equipment to make direct contact with resident and visiting star craft along with their occupants into the contact group vicinity. To learn more about how to make your first contact, join us on a unique training course that will challenge the way you understand yourself and your place in the cosmos!


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