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Navy man Dan Natt talks about UFOs

Hello my viewers,

I think it is just so wonderful and exciting to see so many authentic and professional people coming forth with their true UFO stories.

This article comes from a Navy man. It is hard to dispute his statements.

Thank you for being here. In Love, Light and Service,

MJ Handy

Letter from Navy man about UFOs


Dan Natt writes, " I graduated in 1968 and was classified as 1A. My father was a Navy man in WW II so he told me to get down and join the Navy before I got drafted. I went to boot camp in the Great Lakes and then was sent to Jacksonville, Fla. I only stayed three days at Jax and was sent to PEWR (Pinecastle Electronic Warfare Range 90 miles south of Jax on Rt. 19, just 1 mile from the intersection of Rt. 19 and 40 , in the Ocala National Forest.

The base was small, with only 80 people; most of them lived off base. There were 4 sections to the base in about a 10 mile radius. The barracks, offices, main air traffic control tower, MSQ- 44 radar and a Mobile repair shop sat in the middle of it all on a small hill. The live and inert bombing range was 6 miles from the main control tower. Hidden in the woods were a few small mobile radar vans that simulated missile sites.

The Central was a secret fenced-in guarded area with radars and lots of other electronic equipment. The main mission of the base was to train Navy pilots to do their mission, see how good their gear worked and let them know if they accomplished that task and made it back home, all done by simulation. I worked in a few of these areas, and then in 1972 I went into the radar and training field. At that time they were converting the MSQ-44 over to digital tracking radar and changed its name to MSQ102. The whole base worked 2 shifts and things went along as normal. Then calls from higher up on the ladder and complaints from people from the Altoona area, which is about 15 miles south of the base. Altoona was in our restricted flying area.

All the people there would see an object come out of a lake at night but couldn't tell what it was. We set up a special mission; we had two F-4 Phantoms on call at Jacksonville, and all our radars up and running, as well as a remote radio truck at the scene. Just like clockwork, up it popped. I called Jacksonville to scramble the two jets and we locked on to the object with our MSQ102 radar and a few others of our radars locked on too.

The radio man on the scene and other people saw the object. Our radar had a 60 mile radius so we watched the jets from Jax on our screen just hammering down. In a few minutes they were talking to me and I was directing then to the bogey. I informed them that it was holding still so they could slow their air speed down.

As the F-4's got closer they confirmed that they had locked on with their radars. As the two F-4's slowed down and got close to the bogey my tracking radar started to move and my digital read-outs were showing the same. It moved slow at first but was picking up speed. All of this action was being documented on voice recorders and paper charts for the record books. The two pilots were now doing a good speed, but the object stayed the same distance away from them. The lead pilot said they were going to kick in their afterburners to see what this thing is made out of. A second later my tracking radar, which is hooked on the top of the radar van right above me, shook the whole van and my digital read-outs were going around so fast that you couldn't read the numbers!

The pilot said some four letter words and ended with "Let's go home, this thing is way out of our league". In seconds the object was out in the Atlantic Ocean and our F-4's were left behind in Central Florida!

All the radar around the base lost the object but the MSQ-102 stayed with the object and it stopped in a layer of clouds just over the ocean. I went to the back of the radar van where 3 of our crew were locking on and watching on the scopes. The radar was locked on the cloud; I said to them; "That it could be in that cloud and just to follow the cloud, and break off the radar and lower the elevation to the ground but keep following that cloud". In less than a minute it popped out of the cloud and we locked back on and it started coming at us. It came right at us at high speed so before it was going to be right over us, we froze all the reading and broke off.

One crew member opened up a window and saw no lights and heard no sound. The speed was over 2000 miles an hour! We locked up all charts and voice recording and then sat around looking back on what just happen.

A few days passed by and we were all called in to the Commanding Officer's office. I knew the CO very well and as soon as I walked in I saw he was very quiet and didn't act like himself, so I knew something was up. There was a wooden bench there and he told all of us to sit on it.

Pretty soon two big men in suits and dark glasses came walking in. One stood by the bench and didn't say a word. The other had a briefcase strapped to his arm and he put it on the Commander's desk; unlocked it and put the voice recorder and charts in it and locked it back up. He then shook the Commander's hand and turned to us and pointed his finger right in our faces and said: "You...you...you...and you (there were 4 of us) - you don't know anything. You didn't see anything. If you think you did, we'll lock you up in a straight jacket and you won't see the light of day."

Then he asked "Do you understand?" and we all said "Yes Sir." And we were dismissed.

Thanks to Dan Natt.

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