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Pope Francis Placates Us With a Low-Ball Figure of Catholic Clergy Paedophiles

Hello my viewers,

The Jesuits are notorious for twisting the truth and putting forth false information and deceits for the purpose of keeping people satisfied which leads the people to dropping their accusations and getting on with their lives.

Recently after meeting with many adults who were once abused by their priests or bishops, the Pope, in true Jesuit style, openly admitted that about 2% of the Catholic Clergy are known paedophiles!  Yea, right!  Two percent is a line of BS because the real figures coming out from the ITCCS are that the numbers range between 1/3 and 1/2 of all the 11 million clergymen around the world.

You do the numbers:  2% of 11 million is 220,000 where the real figures are 3.67 million to 5.5 million!  Nice cover-up move Pope!  His announcement is meant to throw you off your aim or goal or track.  But do not be fooled by this move.

If you have been molested or know someone that has been molested, please step forward and join others who are pushing to have not only these priests and bishops defrocked but put in jail for their crimes!  All the Vatican does is move them to another parish so they are "out of sight and out of mind" but nothing is done to punish them for their horrifying deeds to children.  And the priests and bishops continue to molest children no matter where they are placed because they know that they will always be protected by the home church.  Sick.  Very sick.

Please read this article presented by Peerservice.org on their Peers:  Want to Know email taken from BBC News July 13, 2014

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In Light, Love, Peace and Service,

MJ Handy


Pope Francis has been quoted as saying that reliable data indicates that "about 2%" of clergy in the Catholic Church are paedophiles. The Pope said that abuse of children was like "leprosy" infecting the Church, according to the Italian La Repubblica newspaper. He vowed to "confront it with the severity it demands". Until now, the Vatican has declined to quantify the extent of clerical sexual abuse scandals in the worldwide Church. Statistics are usually available only for countries in the developed world. In the developing world, information is usually only sketchy. In the interview, Pope Francis was quoted as saying that the 2% estimate came from advisers. It would represent around 8,000 priests out of a global number of about 414,000. While the incidence of paedophilia as a psychiatric disorder in the general population is not accurately known, some estimates have put it at less than five percent. "Among the 2% who are paedophiles are priests, bishops and cardinals. Others, more numerous, know but keep quiet. They punish without giving the reason," Pope Francis was quoted as saying. "I find this state of affairs intolerable," he went on. Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi denied that Pope Francis had said that there were cardinals who were paedophiles. Asked in the same La Repubblica interview about the celibacy rule for priests, Pope Francis recalled that it was adopted 900 years after the death of Jesus Christ and pointed out that the Eastern Catholic Church allows its priests to marry.

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