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The Selling and Marketing of Pope Francis

Hello my viewers,

Our new Pope Francis has certainly swept up the hearts and minds of billions of Catholics that were disillusioned, leaving the church, and distrustful of the Vatican and its ways.

Our new Pope Francis comes along and begins to walk and talk like the original Francis of Assisi and begins to make some reforms in the Church ways of doing and being.

Pope Francis has emerged as a figure that many disillusioned Catholics and even critics of the Catholic Church have warmed to. Maybe this really is a simple man of the people, shunning the privilege and the pomp and circumstance of his role for that of his "flock".

But there are many who are being discerning because they know the truth of his past as a priest and bishop of the church and those truths are like the dark side of the moon.

So did this Pope have a spiritual transformation? Or is this Pope still an evil Jesuit who is manipulating billions of people around the globe into loving him and believing in him so he can gain their trust before he enslaves them.

Take a look at this information before you form an opinion either way.

Let's hear from Steve Pieczenik, who has more than a little inside knowledge of his past - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRSkECZqQ8s .

The truth is far different from the simple, squeaky clean image we are being sold. Not really any surprises, given the truth of the Catholic Church. No amount of polishing and sweet talking can hide the fact that the entire premise of the church is flawed – or more accurately a series of bald-faced lies.

Thank you for being here. In Love, Light and Service,

MJ Handy

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