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Child Tortures and Trafficking

Hello my viewers,

Cathy O'Brien's story is known to many .....

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.... And now another one from "Toos"..... these true stories will make you sick to your stomach....and you will want to deny it and claim that it is not true. But it is. Cathy and Toos did not make a movie. They lived this life.

It is not with any pleasure that I share this extraordinary video of her story – but unless we understand what is going on in our beautiful planet, how are we ever going to stop it? Ignoring it simply allows those who perpetrate it to continue to do so.

As I watched this video, I was reminded of the experiences that Cathy O'Brien has documented. When the circumstances allow, if the individual was subjected to the "old fashioned" tortures of sexual abuse, electric shock, extreme physical abuse of unimaginable nature and severity, the memories that the abusers have tried to bury come flooding forth in minute detail as you witness with Toos. Unfortunately, from what Cathy has written, the modern techniques will mean the death of the individual if they try to open these experiences up – the situation in which Cathy's daughter, Kelly finds herself (I presume she is still caught in this).

What we see revealed in this video are several important elements:

· A pattern of sexual abuse that runs in families

· Sexual abuse, torture and ritual killings used to "initiate" the highest levels of Freemasonry

· Sexual abuse, torture and ritual killings at the highest levels of the Catholic and Jewish religions (at times concurrently), including the Pope of the time (the video speaks of John Paul II but in fact the timing was around 1969, so it would have been Paul VI)

· Sexual abuse, torture and ritual killings at the highest levels of so-called royalty in Europe

· These abuses occur globally (perhaps my Australian colleagues may be able to identify the building Toos describes in Melbourne, where perhaps her most extreme experiences occurred, seemingly including to train others in these practices. Yes, my friends, this is happening in your veritable backyard.

Here is the video - http:////www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhnG76vwNms . Please take the time to view it, and may your outrage turn to action on some level. I have chosen to share this video with you because you cannot watch this and doubt the integrity and the courage of Toos in bringing this forward. And thank you to Kevin Annett, who has his own story to tell.

What this video begins to reveal, although it is not directly discussed, is the control that is exercised on our planet through these practices, along with associated blackmail. I do not intend to turn this into a treatise on this, because other have documented it thoroughly, but in simple terms:

· "Above" the mainstream religions is Satanism, and this controls the elite within religion, government, aristocracy and banking

· Above this are the Illuminati, which represents the hidden elite.

· The Illuminati took over the highest levels of Freemasonry prior to the French Revolution, and this control structure remains (despite the supposed evidence to the contrary), as evidenced by the initiations Toos speaks of (the average Freemason has no idea of this, from what I understand).

None of this is really new. As I said, Cathy O'Brien has been very explicit in documenting her experiences, and you can find many presentations by her and her husband Mark Phillips - who helped her heal - on YouTube. Also, David Icke revealed a lot about this in his book "The Biggest Secret" in 1999, and if you want to peel this onion even further, I recommend David's interview with Arizona Wilder at that time entitled Revelations of a Mother Goddess.

Arizona (in a much more healed state, in my assessment) also calls it out very directly in Arizona Wilder - Deceived No More.

It is time for us to stop pussyfooting around. Yes, there are some wonderful moves afoot on the planet to disassemble the control structure and the enslavement, some of which I have shared with you and these are subjects that I will return to.

So, for those of you my viewers who are reading and seeing this.... my question to you is this:

What will it take to have you look at what is being done and take a stand for the future freedom of your children and grandchildren?

You simply cannot watch these videos or read Cathy's books and continue to think that you and they will not be affected by this. In truth, you and they already are. You just haven't recognized it.

And to those of you who are already in action on this in your own way – and there are many – I give you my thanks.

Thank you for being here.

MJ Handy



Evil Upon Our Children - The Truth of Child Trafficking

Hello my viewers,

Child trafficking and child abuse..... Is it real or is it just in the movies??? Well, it is more than real. There are now over 3000 people who have come forward to join together to share their painful stories.

Please join them in NYC on September 2, 2013 to show your support. Thank you for being here. MJ Handy

American abuse survivor networks unite with ITCCS – Joint press conference with Kevin Annett to be held September 2 in New York City

New York:

Ritual abuse survivor organizations in the United States embracing over three thousand people have joined forces with Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Kevin Annett of the ITCCS to expose national and international child trafficking networks.





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