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July 27th - September 3rd - Nostradamus Prediction for 2014 NOW DECODED

Hello my viewers,

Nostradamus is a name that is known across the globe and is familiar to many generations and different cultures since he lived.  One of the predictions and drawings he did called the Gates of Hades has puzzeled folks because it has been difficult to interpret.  It is a time when Mars is in the house of Scorpio and is also called the Lazarus Effect.

Below is the video that decodes the message and then I have added information brought forth from astrologer Salvadore Russo to help explain that this a good news or a good time for the good guys and an ending or bad time for the evil ones on our planet.

Pay attention and stay sharp during these times for surely you may see some astonishing changes.

Look around..... Bishops, the Pope, the Royals....have all been found guilty of child sex trafficking and child devil worship sacrifices and child hunting parties.  The Federal Reserve and the IRS have been proven fraudulant.  The Cabal off-shore accounts have been confiscated by Anonymous.  Malaysia Fights 370 and 17 are being scrutinized as Cabal backed False Flag Events for many reasons. Pilots for Truth have release another DVD proving the lies and deceipt propagated onto the American people about 9-11.  Shooting events such as Sandy Hook are now being revealed to have been put on by the Federal Government using Crisis Actors.  A group called NYCcan.com has formed to bring out all the 9-11 truth relating to Zionists of Israel and their true methods and goals.

Yes, many things are happening and if Salvador Russo is correct.... let the evil one's beware because your days are numbered!

Thank you for being here and please share my website and this information with others.

In Light, Love, Peace and Service

MJ Handy 


Gates of Hades – Nostradamus Image Finally Decoded and Hell is coming to take away the evil ones...


Prepare yourself because the boat will be rocking and your eyes must be upon God and the Angels.



Mars In Scorpio: The Lazarus Effect   by Salvador Russo, Astrologer

July 21, 2014

It is written that vengeance belongs to God. The truth and power of this ancient scripture will be brought to life before the world on July 26th, the day when Mars enters Scorpio in Heaven. Esoterically the planet Mars is "Heavens' Sword." Power and conquest are expressed and conferred through this transit although this energy has been perverted throughout history to instigate wars, death, and destruction. Have confidence that long awaited revelations and transformations are upon us!

I predict the following to occur as Mars transits Scorpio: spiritual rebirths and initiations, life changing supernatural endowments, momentous transfers of power, shock exposures of Satanism, the confrontation and conquest of crime, disease, and pain, the rise, entrance, and benefaction of powerful men, a growing social awareness of ongoing psychological and chemical warfare, the resurrection of broken, seemingly hopeless lives, the performance of sacred and secret rituals, increases in death and mortality, open chaos amongst nefarious societies, and a tidal wave of global atonement.

This transit begins in the wake of Jupiter's recent entry into Leo, an event which I believe fulfills a certain Biblical prophecy, that written in the Book of Matthew, as follows: "Then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in Heaven, and then all the tribes of the Earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of Heaven with power and great glory." Because much of the Bible was written in astrological allegory, and because Christ walked the Earth as a Leo, and because Jupiter is the legendary "planet of kings", my heart confirms that the appearance of Jupiter in Leo is a cosmic sign of the mysterious Second Coming of Christ. If I am wrong, may God forgive me.

Notwithstanding we find ourselves amidst global tribulation. There are wars and rumors of wars. We see terrorism and conspiracy openly and brazenly. But what we will soon see is something that dark forces have feared for centuries: their apocalyptic unmasking before the world. In truth this has already begun but the process will begin to a accelerate dramatically because of Jupiter in Leo and the incoming Mars in Scorpio transit. The works of evil will be laid bare and the world will soon be transformed by it. Fear nothing and welcome the revelation to come knowing that it leads to Babylon's utter destruction.

The Mars in Scorpio energy will afford us opportunities to resurrect certain parts of our lives, parts which have suffered the most because of the onslaught and oppression that has come beneath Saturn's transit of Scorpio. Be prepared to confront the darkest parts of your lives with new strength, resources, insight, and momentum as fortunes and opportunities change dramatically in the days and weeks ahead. The essence of the transit is this: apply new forms of power to transform your lives in the greatest and fastest ways possible.

May I advise the following that you make the most of Mars in Scorpio? Engage men of power and influence toward your ends, be ready, willing, and able to exchange and transform at all levels toward higher standards of living, reveal criminality at every chance, barter wisely, detoxify and abstain from veiled and obvious poisons, seek and investigate the sacred, mysterious, and corrupt, attempt to master untamed parts of your psyche, allocate new resources toward pain and disease elimination, purge dangerous addictions or fetishes, find something to consecrate, arm yourself with sacred objects, confess, and renew your devotion to God.

Do not be intimidated by the gravity of these words or the condition of our world. Instead, open your hearts and minds to God who loves, forgives, and transforms all who seek Him.
Keep to your prayers and to His promises while knowing that new stars are set above the whole world. God is in total control, He is "hands on", and He has a perfect way for us all. If evil is in your midst know that power soon comes to your aide. The war is raging and Heavens' Sword now comes for every devil on Earth. They are here, don't be fooled, but so is He and His angels with Him.

Brazen serpents beware,

Astrologer Salvador Russo