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Tokyo is Now Like Hiroshima - So much radiation contamination that all people should Evacuate!

Hello my viewers,

We keep hearing about Fukishima and the radiation that is now leaking from the water tanks into the ocean and contaminating the fish that are being caught and served to us across the world.

And all of this could be stopped and cleaned up in a matter of weeks if the political powers of Japan would simply swallow their pride and invite Mehren Keshe from the Keshe Foundation to come and use his technologies to do it.  But no, instead they keep telling the people that everything is ok when in truth, the contamination levels are so high now in Tokyo that the city should be evacuated!  Can you imagine this?  What Karma Japan has gone through and is still going through.

From Natural News on July 22, 2014 comes this article below.  Please share this with others.

In Light, Love and Service,

MJ Handy