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Songwriter Celebrates Years of Crop Circle Designs by Putting Them to Music!

Hello my viewers,

Crop Circles are truly fascinating and mysterious and it is a true delight to see so many in one film put to music and lyrics.

Enjoy the moment and thank you for being here.

In Love, Light, Peace and Service,

MJ Handy


Here are the Lyrics:

Patterns of perfect geometry,
Messages from the constellations,
Whirls, loops and diamond shapes,
Signs of amazing science and nature.

Dusk through the night there's stirring,
Mist over the tops of the corn,
Sounds of a paddle and tapping,
Under the moon until birdsong at dawn.

The! organic artists of land,
The Banksy walls of the wheat,
Shuffling into the darkness,
Spiritual inspiration at our feet.

Doug and Dave or Julian and Matt,
Barge Inn designs and a pint at the bar
Circles from England and beyond,
Barrows and fields under the stars.

Groups of designs in the field,
As the sun rises do you believe?
Magical orb seen darting across,
As growing watchers gather to see.

Viewed from the road or sky,
The message is there in the rye,
Racing to see the lines in the field,
Before the plough waves them goodbye.

Images changing every year,
We've even seen them in the sand,
Amazing shapes drawing the crowds,
All made at the circle makers hand.


Let's raise a glass to the Circle maker
The croppies paddle and line,

Artist in the land of the wheat,
Delighting us with your designs.